Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and Bracing SERVICE

Trees can often pose a risk due to poor structure or damage. In these cases, cabling and bracing strategies are the best alternative to avoid removal.

We use cabling in the upper canopy to provide support for limbs that would otherwise break off or split the leader to which they are attached to.

Bracing can be applied in many different ways. Arbor bolts are installed through the trunk of a double leader tree that has begun to split. Small, medium sized trees that have uprooted can often be saved by up righting them and installing a heavy duty wire/stake system. If a property does not have the proper space for a wire/stake system, we can build customized “crutches” for these trees to lean on.

At Castor Tree Services, we prefer to extend the service life of the tree as an alternative to removal, but only if it can be done safely, and with a possible expectation of failure. Contact us to discuss your project

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