Spraying and Fertilizing

Spraying and Fertilizing SERVICE

We pride ourselves on the proper use of environmentally friendly organic fertilizers in accordance with national standards. Fertilizers are directly injected into the root zone for maximum advantage. We use a low-pressure feeder injection type that protects the delicate root system of the plants and trees. Fertilization should be done regularly. Some of the benefits of deep root fertilizing your trees and plants are:

  • Nutrients and water go directly to the roots
  • Aeration of the soil
  • Improved tree health
  • Luxuriant foliage
  • Improved tree vigor
  • Encourages new growth

Remember, trees in stress caused by cold, heat, wind, and drought promote disease and insect infestation. A happy tree is a healthy tree. Make sure your trees and plants are well fertilized and properly watered. Call us to schedule a visit from one of our consulting arborists to assess the types of trees and plants you have in your property as well as their individual needs. We may also set up a scheduled maintenance program to ensure your property looks beautiful all year round.

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