Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding SERVICE

Stumps are unsightly and potentially hazardous. As a stump dries out, it becomes a haven for both airborne and subterranean termites, in addition to ants, roaches and other such pests. It may also become “housing” for possums, squirrels, racoons, snakes and other creatures.

The mulch from the stump grinding can then be used in your garden, flowerbeds, or composted for future use. Once a stump has been ground out, you can then continue with your planting/landscaping needs to show off your new nice and neat lawn.

Removing an unsightly stump will improve the look of your landscape and remove tripping hazards for you and your children. You will have an easier time cutting your grass as well as being able to put down sod or plant flowers where the stump used to be thereby beautifying your yard.

  • Create a whole new landscaped environment or garden and make the whole area more healthy looking.
  • Avoid the damaging look of wood decay that becomes a breeding ground for pests and infections.
  • Not have to deal with the unattractive unhealthy regrowth and sprouts.
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